Introducing S.B.S.’s New Client Relationship Manager: Hank Lopez

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The S.B.S. Family of Companies is thrilled to welcome Hank Lopez to our team.

Hank will act as our Client Relationship Manager, and brings many years of experience in the default services industry to both S.B.S Trust Deed Network and S.B.S. Lien Services.

Hank began his career in the default management industry working for Countrywide Home Loans as the Bankruptcy Manager. His role continued to evolve over the years as manager for various departments including risk management, vendor management and property preservation unit manager.

Hank has had the unique experience of being both a client and a vendor. As a vendor, he has experience in the foreclosure publication and posting arena, marketing manager for bankruptcy and foreclosure legal services and author of default training materials.

In his role with S.B.S., Hank will be responsible for maintaining current client relationships, as well as introducing prospects to a dedicated and focused team of industry professionals at the S.B.S. Family of Companies.

We look forward to Hank bringing his years of experience to our team, and providing our current and prospective clients with the best-in-class quality of service you can expect from the S.B.S. Family of Companies.

For more information, pease contact Hank at or 805-217-8644.

All the Best,

Jennifer Kennick
Executive Vice President
S.B.S. Trust Deed Network
S.B.S. Lien Services