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One of the first independent trustees still committed to servicing your foreclosure needs.

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S.B.S. Trust Deed Network has worked with Institutional and Non-institutional beneficiaries in handling Residential, Commercial, 
and Industrial Foreclosures since 1978. Our staff will help you proceed with the foreclosure process to protect and recover 
your investment with complete professionalism.

Proper Handling of the Situation

Lenders are at times faced with the only recourse to proceed with the foreclosure of the property.  S.B.S. understands this is a decision that must be made to protect the lender’s investment.
We handle the non-judicial foreclosure process in a professional and respectful manner.  Our collection activities proceed with the hope of both the lender and the borrower benefiting from a pre-foreclosure resolution as neither party wants to foreclose on the property.  A quick resolution is the desired result,

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3. Mail and email the completed Declaration of Default, along with a copy of the Note and the Deed of Trust, & any other forms as outlined.